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Great View Spots

Morode Coast(Morode Kaigan)

The most outstanding place for sunsets on the Uwakai Sea

Every year, when winter comes around, photographers come here in droves to capture the “snowman sunset” (daruma yuhi). This is an optical illusion where the setting sun seems to sit on top of another sun sinking into the sea, just like a snowman’s head on its body. In the summer, this area turns into a leisure spot, with marine sports enthusiasts joining in the fun along with the swimmers.

Address 17 Kikugawa, Ainan-cho, Minamiuwa-gun, Ehime Prefecture  
Parking Lot Available
Access 10 minutes walk from Uwajima bus Soto-morode bus stop.
tel Misho Branch Office of Ainan Town Office 0895-72-1111