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shot bar Rain

Enjoy the atmosphere and the drinks at the only shot bar in town

“Rivers and springs start with a single raindrop.” This was Nunoyama-san’s concept for pervading into this town when opening this bar. There’s no particular cocktail menu – just ask for what you’d like from the list of 250-odd drinks available, and your cocktail will materialize. They don’t get too worked up about things at Rain, and that’s the key to its relaxed charm.

Address 1990 Johen-ko, Ainan-cho, Minamiuwa-gun, Ehime Prefecture
Tel 0895-73-0221
Open 20:00 to 26:00
Closed Wednesdays, Irregular
Parking Lot Not available
Access 2 minutes walk from Uwajima bus Johen eigyosho bus stop.