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We want to offer safe and reassuring products – and of course a great taste as well.

Maruyasu Shokuhin Co., Ltd.

Managing Director
Mikio Yasuoka

The history of Maruyasu Shokuhin goes back to 1957, when it was founded as a producer of mikan oranges. Since then, it has long been known for its contribution to local life in quite a different line, konnyaku (a type of jelly used in Japanese cuisine). Over time, konnyaku production became the firm’s main business. Maruyasu Shokuhin’s product development gave birth to its “Toko Jelly.” At the time, production of tokoro-ten (agar jelly strips) was thriving and Toko Jelly was developed because agar weed was also abundant.
“We wanted something that people could feel secure about giving their children to eat, so from the start we decided to use only natural ingredients. So, we developed the product with the minimum possible use of flavorings and additives,” says Managing Director Yasuoka. Apparently, it took a lot of trial and error for the firm to create something that had a proper fruit flavor without any scents or coloring agents – something that tastes good just as it is. Most products of this type made by other companies use fruit juice for flavoring, but Maruyasu Shokuhin didn’t rely on fruit juice alone. Instead, they used mixers to blend fruit pulp into a thick juice containing solids, to create a an additive-free product with natural flavor. “Best of all is our amanatsu (sweet Chinese citron), which uses Ehime-grown fruit that comes in from July. In this green area of Ainan Town, which is our production area, we use produce harvested locally in season, so the scent is in a class of its own,” he continues. This extra touch is the secret of the firm’s great tastes, and because these tastes are derived from natural fruits, the product’s flavors vary a little from year to year. This only adds to the fun of enjoying it.
Apart from the fruity Toko Jelly, Maruyasu Shokuhin boasts a varied lineup of products. At present, these include Ichigo no Annin-dofu (a tofu jelly with added strawberry puree), a rich-tasting Coffee Jelly, and Amazake Gellée, which uses organic rice – an ingredient that has attracted a lot of attention as a health food. All of these products are well loved both as treats for oneself and as gifts for others.

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2277 Johen-ko, Ainan-cho, Minamiuwa-gun, Ehime Prefecture
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